The HYL Ranch is due north of Fort Bowie National Historic Site in Goodwin Canyon, approximately 8 miles south of Bowie, Arizona.

Although it is broadly connected to Cienega Ranch on its west side, we treat it separately because it is lower elevation with far more desert scrub and less grassland than found on Cienega Ranch. The history of HYL is also unique.

The western edge of HYL Ranch extends just into the Sulfur Springs Valley, but most of it lies in the San Simon Valley. The topography of HYL Ranch is complex ranging from 4,000 to 6,200 ft in elevation. The upper areas on the Dos Cabezas Mountains are rugged and incised by Goodwin Canyon and Silverstrike Canyon. The lower elevations are predominately covered by the desert scrub vegetation that is characteristic of the lower Chihuahuan Desert.

Two permanent springs located on the ranch are the Goodwin Spring and the Silverstrike Spring.